Have you ever wanted to learn to code and/or deepen your understanding of computers? Or maybe you are a student wanting to get off to a great start on your computing course? Then this talk is for you!


Paul Moggridge, Lecturer in Data Science and Software Development


The aim of this talk is to get you up and running with Python 3 and be able to write small Python scripts. In this talk you will develop an overall appreciation of programming, install Python on your device, learn the basic structures found in Python and even write a small console game.

After the talk there will be an opportunity to ask questions and get help with any specific issues you have. Learning to code without support can be difficult and this talk is a great chance for anyone interested to get up and running with programming.

For the best experience, please bring a laptop (or if that is not possible an android tablet or phone can be used also). All are welcome, including complete novices and experienced programmers who want to pick up a new language, or brush up their skills, or kindly offer support to novices.

About the speaker

Paul Moggridge is a Lecturer in Data Science and Software Development. He received a B.Sc. in Computer Science specialising in Artificial Intelligence in 2016 and is now studying for a PhD researching unsupervised learning. He strives to create robust methods for recognising groups in data by creating novel clustering algorithms which apply weights to rows of data.

Before joining the University in 2020 as a full-time Lecturer, Paul worked on a Knowledge Transfer Partnership project as a Data Mining and Machine Learning Project Manager. In this talk Paul shares his enthusiasm and knowledge of programming.

Please note: This rescheduled event returns us to our usual home in the refurbished Lindop Building on the College Lane campus.

This event is brought to you by: BCS Hertfordshire branch

AGM followed by workshop: Introduction to Python Programming
Date and time
Wednesday 5 October, 7:00pm - 8:30pm
University of Hertfordshire
A166 - Lindop Building
College Lane Campus
AL10 9AB
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