Join us as we look at Spiritum Duo, a clinical pathway but faster.

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Clinical pathways are very complicated processes, and cancer pathways are even more so.

A patient needs to present to their GP with symptoms, the GP needs to carry out initial tests, the GP needs to make a referral, the referral needs to be triaged by the receiving team, tests and biopsies organised, see the patient in clinic, discuss the patient in a multi-disciplinary team meeting and then referred on for treatment.

Most cancer pathways need to get a patient from referral to treatment in 62-days.

In Gloucestershire, 38% of all treated patients breach this deadline, leading to worse prognosis.

Spiritum Duo is a proof-of-concept web app to streamline clinical pathways. It will be a single point for information and place for requesting tests, biopsies and referrals.

Currently, in Gloucestershire we have 16 different clinical systems we have to interact with for a lung cancer patient, why not make it one.

This work has been done with the help of two computer science students - Nick Ives and Joe Channing.

The talk tonight will be an overview of this body of work and how it can improve the patient experience, prognosis and also improve staff workflows and workloads. We will even look at the full stack of the digital build (sneak peek at

About the speaker

Dr Mark Bailey, NHS

Mark Bailey is a Speciality Doctor in Respiratory Medicine and also a clinician-who-codes. He has built several digital systems for his department, which have optimised disease pathways and staff workflows. The original ‘Spiritum’ database showed a 70% reduction in breach times for sleep apnoea patient treatment times.

His robotic process automation program ‘Quick Spiritum’ sped up routine clinical tasks by 30%. Mark is on the council for the Faculty of Clinical Informatics, board member for the NHS PyCom and also a student on the NHS Digital Academy Digital Leadership course.

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Hybrid event: Spiritum Duo - Clinical Pathway, A to B but faster!
Date and time
Wednesday 5 October, 7:30pm - 9:00pm
University of Gloucestershire, Park Campus
Room PL-LC-132
The Park
GL50 2RH
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