We look at 11 pragmatic tips for implementing new emerging technology.

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There is a wide range of different Emerging Technology Trends such as green computing, machine learning, remote working plus others

They have promised significant benefits for organisations and society in general. However, they have often failed to deliver these.

Therefore in this presentation, Paul Taylor will discuss what an "Emerging Technology Trend" is and then provide a list of 11 hints and tips to help them be implemented smoothly and therefore provide the hoped-for benefits to organisations and society.

About the speaker

Paul Taylor MBA, MBCS, FRSA, CMgr, FCMI

Paul is a consultant with over 30 years experience of implementing change across the financial services, oil/gas, charities and professional bodies. He has written and spoken on a variety of subjects viz change management, freelancing, technology, financial services, research approaches, etc

He is a Chair and NED for a variety of industry and social enterprises covering Gambling addiction and Performing Arts for the BAME community. Finally, he is an Associate Lecturer for the Open University STEM school teaching Technology Management.

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Webinar: 11 pragmatic tips for implementing new emerging technology
Date and time
Wednesday 26 October, 6:30pm - 8:00pm

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