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Join the Chester & North Wales Branch as we look at automating for resilience.

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As the world heads into more uncertainty following the COVID-19 pandemic, with long-term forecasts of the virus yet to be established and many worldwide economic activities interrupted by geopolitics and climate change, businesses are looking for ways to build resilience into their processes.

Process automation has promised much in the past few years, but technology is only now beginning to match ambition.

Chris Weston will look at the key factors and provide practical next steps for organisations that want to invest in these tools.

About the speaker

Chris Weston, CDIO, Jumar

Chris Weston has worked with organisations worldwide to make the most of their technology investments in the private and public sectors. As someone who has done most jobs in IT from crawling under desks with cables to running large and distributed IT teams, he's learned that culture and communication are the keys to delivering technological improvement.

The most satisfying thing for Chris is to find the golden thread that runs through people, process and technology that allows an organisation to find practical, actionable ways to become more efficient and deliver for their customers. Stripping the strategy back to basics and discovering the core value in a process is often the best way to identify the prime candidates for innovation.

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Webinar: Automating for resilience: Playing your part in a modern ecosystem
Date and time
Thursday 6 October, 7:00pm - 8:00pm

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