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Join us as we look at ethical and safe artificial intelligence.

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This talk will cover ethical issues and concerns related to data science and machine learning, which is a massively growing area of the IT industry. As with any area that is extremely broadly applicable, ethical concerns start to appear in all sorts of forms, ranging from the need for representative datasets for supervised training (and what that actually means) to concerns around the application of these technologies and ensuring that scientific progress doesn't contribute to ethically problematic uses, to the far-future question of AI safety, whether we should be researching AI, and whether it is possible to do so in a safe manner.

About the speaker

Dr Will Sayers - University of Gloucestershire
Dr Will Sayers has significant experience and has undertaken considerable research in software engineering, artificial intelligence and optimisation algorithms. Of particular interest are web-based systems; data extraction, transformation and loading, warehousing systems; multi-objective optimisation algorithms and machine learning techniques using deep neural networks. He has undertaken exploratory data analysis and reporting, as well as developing machine learning models based on that work, launched and used in production systems. He has published several journal and conference papers on optimisation algorithms and deep learning.

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Webinar: Ethical and safe artificial intelligence - Cheltenham and Gloucester branch
Date and time
Wednesday 7 September, 7:30pm - 9:00pm

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