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  • Exploring Neurodivergence in Tech - Sussex Branch & NeurodiverseIT SG

BCS Sussex Branch is hosting a panel discussion about the importance of Neurodiversity in Tech.


  • Matthew Bellringer
  • Marc Gablot
  • Liv Livesey
  • Meg Tennies


We will host a panel discussing the barriers faced by Neurodivergent individuals in the Tech field and how we can raise awareness and support for these issues. The panel will take questions from the audience. This should be of interest to all working in IT including managers, recruiters, and applicants.

About the speakers

Matthew Bellringer (MBCS MBPsS) is a systems developer, facilitator, speaker and author exploring and sharing how everyone can benefit from neurodiversity. They discovered they were dyslexic as a child, and that they were an AuDHDer as an adult. With a background in technology, psychology, research, innovation, and communication they work with both neurodivergent people and those who want to support them better. You can find out more about their work, the organisations they work with, and how to get in touch here.

Marc Gablot (FRSA) contributes greatly to creating technology for change, impact, and those disabled by barriers through his work sitting as the Chair of the Greater London Regional Stakeholders Network Disability Unit and the Founder of the Tech for Disability working group within Tech London Advocates. He is also the Founder of Ina Ciel, a digital innovation hub with a network of resources and connections for product development, collaboration with disabled creators and building partnerships with shared goals.

Liv Livesey leads on AI skills at the Office for Artificial Intelligence (AI) within the UK Government’s Department for Science, Innovation and Technology (DSIT). Liv was diagnosed as autistic as a child, and later with ADHD after years of appeals. Through their work and in a personal capacity, Liv advocates for diversity in AI. At the Office for AI, Liv plays a pivotal role in delivering the UK’s ambition for AI by developing and delivering policies which increase the supply and diversity of AI talent, for example through a recent roundtable co-chaired by techUK and Paul Scully, Minister for Tech and the Digital Economy, which can be found here.

Meg Tennies is a Junior SQL Developer working for the National House Building Council (NHBC). She is active within groups supporting Disabled and Neurodivergent individuals within the tech industry, such as the BCS specialist group NeurodiverseIT and the NHBC Enabled network. Her contributions to these groups focus on sharing her and others' experiences of being diagnosed with Autism and ADHD later in life as a result of medical sexism. With a technical background in Algorithmic Bias and AI Ethics, Meg advocates for the fair use of AI and decision-making software to decrease the negative impact on already marginalised groups, such as people with disabilities.

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This event is brought to you by: BCS Sussex branch and BCS NeurodiverseIT specialist group

Exploring Neurodivergence in Tech - Sussex Branch & NeurodiverseIT SG
Date and time
Wednesday 19 April, 7:00pm - 9:00pm
University of Sussex
Chichester Lecture Theatre, Sussex House
This event is sold out