This is a joint event with BCS Women and WISE Young Professionals’ Board (YPB).

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Whether you are student thinking about a career in STEM or a someone who wants to understand more about opportunities in STEM or a manager looking to increase gender diversity in STEM this is the panel discussion for you.

You will hear from 4 women who have all sat on the WISE Young Professionals’ Board. The WISE Young Professionals’ Board is a group of diverse exceptional young role models working at a variety of WISE member companies in the UK. They represent a wide range of backgrounds, educational routes and industries, which allows them to authentically champion, engage with, support and represent the 1 million strong UK workforce of women in STEM.

They are part of a group of passionate young diverse professionals in STEM who are catalysts of cultural change both in their own workplaces and at a national level. They want there to be gender parity in STEM because a diverse workforce will deliver innovative solutions that solve complex and pressing global issues.

About the speakers

Andrea Palmer (Chairwoman BCS Women) - HOST

Principal Consultant at Infosys Consulting

Andrea’s career spans over 20 years and her career has included programming, analysis, project management, technical delivery, business change and consultancy within the energy, telecoms, and retail sectors.

She has a degree in Science (biology/chemistry), second degree in Psychology and an MBA. Andrea is passionate about encouraging and supporting women in technical roles through mentoring, coaching, speaking at events and is a co-author of Women in Tech which she wrote with 5 fellow BCS Women. In 2021 she was voted CW 4th Most Influential Woman in Tech UK and in 2022 entered Computer Weekly’s Hall of Fame.

Beth Clarke - Quality and DevOps Specialist, ROSEN

Beth is passionate about using technology for good, whether that's by keeping people safe, making tech sustainable, or using tech to empower the next generation. She was a member and Vice Chair of the WYPB from 2020-23 and is a member of the BCS SIGiST committee.

Kirsty Carotti - Software Developer, BMT

Kirsty hopes to improve the future generations of women and gender minorities by pushing against pre-defined boundaries such as unconscious bias and advocating for gender diversity within the industry. Kirsty has been on the WYPB since 2022.

Gisela Rossi - Engineering Manager, HSBC

Gisela's career journey involves researching formal logic and working as a backend software engineer. She is passionate about leadership and as a diversity and inclusion champion both inside and outside of her organisations. Gisela was on the WYPB from 2020-2021.

Isobel Vernon-Avery - Digital Services Consultant, Arup

Isobel believes that inclusion, diversity and equity are foundational in solving the complex challenges our world faces today. Her work support cities undergoing digital and circular economy transformation. She was a member of the WYPB from 2021-23.

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Webinar: How to get a career in STEM?
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Thursday 20 April, 4:00pm - 5:00pm

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