In this free webinar, Dr. Vershinin will talk about Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS).


Dr. Yuri A. Vershinin, Senior Lecturer, Coventry University, UK


This presentation is devoted to the demonstration of results which were obtained by students who studied Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) and Telematics modules at Coventry University. These modules were designed by Dr. Yuri A. Vershinin (Senior Lecturer in Automotive Electronics) in order to give practical knowledge and skills to students in the above areas. Students designed, built and tested automotive telemetry and telematics systems in real conditions doing their practical group-based course work and individual projects.

The working prototypes of Vehicle-to-Vehicle (V2V) and Vehicle-to-Infrastructure (V2I) devices were tested on real cars. Students presented their results to engineers and managers in two automotive companies (Jaguar and Land Rover) and TRW-ZF-Conekt Co. during students’ industrial visits to these companies. The feedback from engineers and managers was that the knowledge and practical skills, obtained by students on these modules, was very useful and interesting for companies as well as the students. This presentation will include video recordings of the V2V and V2I communication on real cars and practical tests on the Bruntingthorpe Proving Ground.

About the speaker

Dr. Yuri Vershinin joined Coventry University, as Senior Lecturer in late 2000 after his research at Aston University, following on from his industrial career. His industrial work experience included digital and analog systems design, design and implementation of electronic systems for automation and control, and microprocessor control systems. His recent research has been carried out in the area of adaptive control systems, identification, decentralized control, Kalman filtering and optimal control. He has worked in machine vision, image processing and computer graphics.

Dr. Vershinin has developed new teaching modules which were unique at the time of their creation, i.e. Intelligent Transport Systems (2006), and Telematics (2009). He was the module leader and developed and taught the following modules for undergraduate and postgraduate courses from 2001: Instrumentation, Control Engineering, Signals and Systems (Telecommunications), Advanced Vehicle Systems, Measurement and Analysis for Development, Electronics and Electro-Mechanical Technology. Following the teaching curricular, he taught microprocessors (M68HC11 and PIC18 series), C/C++ programming language, Matlab/Simulink, and Labview software.

During his work in the Electronics Department he developed practical laboratory-based courseworks based on the GPS, INS – Inertial Navigation System (which includes a solid-state gyroscope and 3-axis accelerometer) for engineering courses. Later, working in the Mechanical and Automotive Engineering Department, he designed practical courseworks for the relevant courses, i.e. Microprocessors for Automotive Applications, Controller Area Network (CAN-bus), Design of Automotive Telemetry System, and Design of Autonomous Vehicle. Students have tested the designed telemetry system in the real conditions on a Peogeout-206 car on Bruntingthope racing track.

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Webinar: Intelligent Transport Systems
Date and time
Wednesday 19 April, 7:00pm - 8:00pm

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