Join us for an insightful event featuring discussions on various aspects of AI text generation.


Geoff Davis, AI Researcher at Creative Computing Institute UAL UK. Computer art in Computer Arts Archive.


7:00pm - Introduction
7:20pm - Presentations
8:00pm - Discussion
8:30pm - Event ends


Join us for an insightful event featuring discussions on various aspects of AI text generation, its ethical considerations, and applications in both education and the arts. Geoff Davis, editor of the AI Creative Writing Anthology and AI researcher at UAL, will provide an overview of text generation and delve into the ethical implications, and also will cover the use of text generation for computer coding.

Shu Wan and Maria Reyes will each present on the educational aspects of AI text generation, highlighting its potential in essay writing, annotating, and its use by both students and lecturers.

Tivon Rice and Ray LC, talented mixed media artists, will showcase their AI text-based art, while the renowned AI text and poetry artist, Sasha Stiles, will be discussed in relation to her celebrated book, ‘Technelegy.’ Additionally, Mark Webster's innovative 'Hypertype' art, which utilizes Sentiment Analysis for text generation, will be featured.

The event will culminate in an interactive questions and answers session, allowing attendees to engage with the speakers. The entire talk will be recorded for future reference.

Our events are for adults aged 16 years and over.

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Webinar: Text-based AI - Computer Arts Society
Date and time
Wednesday 26 April, 7:00pm - 8:30pm

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