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  • Webinar: Using technology to address the digital divide for the visually impaired

How technology can assist those with partial and full sight loss, including sudden loss for daily living and in the work environment.

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Whether degenerative or sudden, there is no doubting the impact of sight loss on every aspect of an individual’s life. However, with the help of accessibility software, modern apps and a range of technology it has never been easier to bridge the digital divide, support self-reliance, and bring the visually impaired back into the work force.

Join BCS Digital Divide Specialist Group’s webinar featuring Kris Gibson from Southampton Sight to discuss supporting the visually impaired community on what, how, and where assistive technology can help them connect to the internet, negotiate smart phones, and retain independence. Himself severely sight impaired, Kris will also touch upon the issues of employment, the support available, and working with sight loss.

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  • Sight Loss – A Life Lived Differently You will learn about:
  • Text-To-Speech Software
  • Laptop & Smart Phone Accessibility
  • Electronic Magnifiers + Other Assistive Technologies
  • Access To Work – What, Who and How

About the speakers

Kris GibsonKris Gibson

Kris Gibson has lived and worked in Southampton now for many years and feel a true connection with the local community, and so it is a great joy to be a Sight Loss Advisor at Southampton Sight. Having been born with a degenerative eye condition, it is fair to say that Kris Gibson comes with a lifetime’s experience.

Kris believes passionately that the loss of sight does not mean the loss of life and strive to meet the needs of others to support independent and full living. After all, in this brave new world of high-tech wizardry, where there’s a will, there’s an app!

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Webinar: Using technology to address the digital divide for the visually impaired
Date and time
Thursday 17 August, 5:00pm - 6:00pm

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