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Robert Edgson will share his knowledge of PowerBI and Microsoft Fabric in the context of Data Architectures.


Robert Edgson


6:30pm - Refreshments and networking
7:00pm - Presentation
8:30pm - Discussion and networking
9:30pm - Event ends  


Power BI is now under the umbrella of Microsoft Fabric.

You were that reluctant Power BI admin. You have noticed things have changed; you want to put controls in place and try things out. But you simply do not know enough to make changes in your company tenancy confidently. After all, you only have one tenancy.

In this session, I shall show you how to create a Microsoft developer sandbox with 25 M365 E5 Developer licenses.

Enable Microsoft Fabric and point out some pitfalls I’ve fallen into when transitioning from Power BI Admin to Fabric admin.

  • Microsoft Fabric is more than just Power BI
  • Creation of Office developer Sandbox
  • How to enable Microsoft Fabric in this developer sandbox
  • A tour of Admin features
  • Least privileges
  • Documentation Objective

Confidence comes with iterative practice with a Microsoft developer sandbox, you have that chance to practice Microsoft Fabric admin, break then fix things, see the impact on the supplied 15 users, prepare the Changes and roll back.

So let’s work with a fictitious airline company and set up Fabric. You also go away with lots of links to Microsoft documentation so you can keep up with the rapid changes.

About the speaker

Rob Edgson has been working in IT since 1995. Found the Gift of Dyslexia has been a core benefit to the excitement of IT constant change. Troubleshooting and thinking out of the box to find solutions.

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Enterprise Data Architecture - Reluctant Fabric Admin - Cumbria North
Date and time
Tuesday 5 December, 6:30pm - 9:30pm
Castle Green Hotel
Castle Green Lane
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