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  • Webinar: BCS Policy Jam - AI isn’t going to replace your job.. Someone using AI will!

Join the BCS policy team for a monthly forum where we will engage with our members. We will hold these 'Policy Jams' every third Wednesday.


  • Welcome and CEO update
  • Panel discussion
  • Q&A


ChatGPT is the latest in a long line of AI-assisted tools to cause a storm in the media and to penetrate a wider media and social consciousness.

As practitioners, we can sometimes become weary and complacent about the media and public commentary, often divorced from the reality we understand and potential we see.

What are the implications for us as a community and how do we make sure we take full advantage of AI, inform the public debate so better decisions are made?

To discuss these issues, BCS CEO Rashik Parmar MBE and BCS Head of Policy Dan Aldridge are joined by:

  • Andrew Pakes – Director of Communications & Research, Prospect
  • Sam Sharps – Executive Director, Policy, Tony Blair Institute for Global Change
  • Hema Purohit, FBCS - EMEA CTO, Healthcare & Public Sector / Independent Healthcare Start Up Advisor
  • Sarah Burnett - AI Evangelist and author

BCS Policy Jams are one way we engage and communicate with our community on current issues in IT, digital and tech policy and discuss how these issues intersect with the wider world.

Policy Jams are held monthly and previous Jams can be watched here

This event is brought to you by: BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT

BCS Policy Jam - AI isn’t going to replace your job.. Someone using AI will!
Date and time
Wednesday 15 February, 12:00pm - 1:00pm

This event is sold out