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  • BCS Webinar special: 'AI sentience' and regulation - can we finally stop talking ‘Terminator’?

Join us for our engaging panel discussion.


Last July, software engineer Blake Lemoine, whilst working for Google’s Responsible AI team, claimed the company’s AI, LaMDA, is sentient. But he was misreported as suggesting humanity has a moral obligation to give AI rights. The more important, and under-reported issues he raised are around the regulatory capture programs operated by Silicon Valley firms – which raise issues of regulatory compliance and what constitutes user data.

This event brings together Blake and two other experts to have a hype-free conversation. In this session we will discuss:

  • Blake’s reflections on his experience at Google
  • Is sentience really the most important question?
  • The problem of looking inside the black box to ensure compliance.
  • Do we need increased transparency so that can be aware of what technology exists before companies manage to get laws passed that apply to it?
  • Do we need an ICO or Ofcom (or FDA in the US) for AI?


Blake LemoineBlake Lemoine

Blake is a software engineer and artificial intelligence researcher. He has worked on personality modelling, AI bias, privacy and social contextual modelling. He has also contributed to the ISO standards on artificial intelligence as well as ISO technical reports on AI bias and ethics.

Ivana BartolettiIvana Bartoletti

Ivana is the Global Data Privacy Officer at Wipro, and is an internationally recognised thought leader in the fields of privacy, data protection and responsible technology. She is a Visiting Policy Fellow at the University of Oxford, her research focuses on how to advance the global sharing of information in the context of privacy, security, data protection and human rights. Ivana is co-editor of The AI Book, a handbook for investors, entrepreneurs and fintech visionaries and is author of An Artificial Revolution, on Power, Politics and AI.

Adam Leon SmithAdam Leon Smith

Adam is the CTO of Dragonfly. He is a member of the BCS Fellows Technical Advisory Group and works with ISO/IEC, the EU and ISTQB on AI testing. He is also an elected Board Member of ForHumanity.


Brian RuncimanBrian Runciman (Chair)

Brian is Head of Content and Insight at BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT and is an IT journalist with over twenty years’ experience.




This event is brought to you by: BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT

BCS Webinar special: 'AI sentience' and regulation - can we finally stop talking ‘Terminator’?
Date and time
Wednesday 25 January, 5:00pm - 6:00pm

This event is sold out