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  • Hybrid event: Black Friday Performance Deals - a Performance Testing Story

Join Stuart Barker to discuss his experience with Black Friday.

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Black Friday was rapidly approaching, this new-fangled sales shenanigan from the states. UK retailers had jumped on the bandwagon and were keen to sell us things at the same price they’d always been but convince us it was cheaper. It seemed to work though but it changed customers’ behaviours, there was fighting in shops over cheap TVs and people had bots lined up to quickly latch on to the actual genuine bargains.

What’s the problem with this you may ask. Well, ask the operations team at a leading retailer whose systems topped out at around 70 orders a minute how they were going to suddenly cope with massive spikes in demand. Would the system crash, would it sell items to people that were no longer available, would customers be left disappointed after they missed out on that essential item they didn’t really need? Well, I was right in the middle of that trying to answer just that question and it was a pretty interesting journey that I’d like to share with you.

About the speaker

Stuart barker, Managing Director of CQE

As Managing Director of CQE I’ve spent 27 years specialising in software development, test delivery and quality assurance. I’ve helped banks, retail, and government (local and national) to implement new systems, improve quality, and resolve challenging technical problems. I’ve been fortunate to work in the Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, and of course the UK. This was a fantastic opportunity to experience other cultures and probably more importantly, the working practices, of different countries that I hope I’ve integrated the best bits of into the way we do things at CQE.

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Hybrid event: Black Friday Performance Deals - a Performance Testing Story
Date and time
Thursday 26 January, 5:30pm - 7:30pm
Sheffield Hallam University
Room 9130 Cantor Building
City Campus
S1 2ND
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