This talk will look at the impact of global greenhouses gas emissions.

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Current forecasts reveal that if not reduced, global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions set the world on a pathway toward a 3.5-degree increase in average global temperatures compared to pre-industrial times.

By joining the Paris Agreement at the COP21 in 2016, 194 countries committed to limiting global warming to a 2- or ideally 1.5-degree increase by 2050. For this to happen, CO2 emissions need to be at least halved by 2050, requiring a 7.6% de-crease in GHG emissions each year between 2020-2030.

Digital technologies are widely used across all sectors. The increased adoption of digital solution is especially visible on Consumer market, Business, Industry, Science and Health sector.

How the increased adoption of IT technologies has been impacting global GHG emissions? What are the underlying components of Digital Carbon Footprint? What need to be achieved to align ICT sector with 1.5º C GHG pathway and consequently, what are the 5 key areas to enhance IT Sustainability?

The Digital Carbon Footprint webinar will provide hints to answer these questions and get more wide perspective on IT sustainability.

Jaroslaw RichertAbout the speaker

Jaroslaw B. Richert is an IT Asset Governance Sr Manager at Schneider Electric, member of IT Asset Management Forum Board of Trustee and an active member of ISACA.

During his over 20 years of field experience he provided expertise and leadership in IT Operations, IT Program & Transformation Management. Over last few years his focus shifted on IT governance, Risk & Compliance as well as on IT Sustainability explaining his deep involvement in leading Schneider Electric Green IT program.

Contributor of ISO ITAM Standards Committee whitepaper, 'How IT Asset Management Can Contribute Towards Sustainability' as well as a co-author of Schneider Electric whitepaper, 'Implementing Sustainable IT Asset Management Practices for Enterprise-wide Carbon Reduction'.

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Webinar: Green IT - SM-ITAM
Date and time
Tuesday 17 January, 6:30pm - 7:30pm

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