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Ady Stokes


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In this session, you will learn that, although accessibility is a testing speciality, that doesn’t mean that you need to become an expert to do some accessibility testing. Just as anyone can check for SQL injection or URL manipulation for security, this session will show you accessibility tests that anyone can execute, and add to their toolbox.

Some can even be combined with other forms of testing simply by doing them slightly differently in order to embed as part of the development process.

In this live demo of accessibility testing, Ady Stokes will walk through simple tests for accessibility explaining what he’s doing and how and why it is important. Once you have seen these tests live you can have a go yourself and look to see how you can incorporate them going forward.


  • List some of the basics of digital accessibility
  • Execute simple accessibility tests
  • Recognise the importance of adding some specialist testing to your toolkit
  • Plan how to add these tests to your daily work

About the speaker

Ady Stokes

Tester; Coach; Mentor; Trainer; Speaker; Husband; Father; Ally.

As well as working as a Quality Engineering Architect I am also the Concept Creator for the Software Testing Apprenticeship at the Coders Guild. Coach to some, mentor to many. Trainer and International speaker.

Accessibility is about inclusion, not just disability and while useful for all it is vital for some.

I have my own blog at The Big Test Theory.com. It also is the home of my Periodic Table of Testing, a visual heuristic showing the breadth of the testing universe. Accessibility and WCAG resources. Test Poetry and Songs. I have been published in Testing Experience magazine, The Testing Planet, Going Agile book and others. I have given presentations to Agile and Testing groups at meetups, special interest groups and conferences across the UK and Europe. I am very proud to be a founder member and organiser of the Ministry of Testing Leeds meetup.

@A11y_Ady on Twitter.

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Simple tests for accessibility everyone should know
Date and time
Wednesday 5 July, 6:30pm - 8:00pm
Skyscanner Limited
Quartermile One
15 Lauriston Place
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