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  • Webinar: How can we ensure digital systems in health and care are safe?

An overview of the role of digital technologies in patient safety from the perspectives of two experts: a clinician and a safety engineer.

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Digital technology creates numerous opportunities for better patient safety, which is why we should maximise its potential sooner rather than later, especially given the growing demand for health and social care services. At the same time, it’s key that we ensure the safety of the technology that we use, so it helps, and doesn’t harm.

Maureen Baker will speak of the pressing need to improve patient safety, the advantages of digital tools and how they can help deliver safer care, including the importance of using information standards to ensure that data for care can be shared efficiently and used to drive better outcomes for health and care users.

Stuart Harrison will cover how to safely develop and deploy IT systems in health and care and the key standards that apply to suppliers and developers on the one hand and, on the other, to organisations that deploy systems. This is latest webinar in the series being run jointly by BCS Health & Care and the PRSB (the Professional Record Standards Body).

If you need to know about standards such as FHIR, SNOMED and those from PRSB, this series is where to start. The series is open to all and is particularly aimed at clinicians with IT/informatics responsibilities or interests as well as IT/informatics professionals working in either in health and social care organisations or for suppliers/vendors. The slides and recordings from the previous webinars in the series are available 

About the speaker

Professor Maureen Baker CBE

Professor Maureen Baker CBE is a Chair at the Professional Record Standards Body (PRSB) and a former Chair of the Royal College of GPs. She has spent her career championing quality improvement and patient safety through better use of clinical and professional care information. In earlier years, Maureen was also a Clinical Director for Patient Safety at Connecting for Health, now NHS England.

Stuart Harrison

Stuart Harrison is a safety engineer by background. He is currently the CEO of a company that he co-founded and that provides ethical services to the health industry. Stuart led the Clinical Safety movement in the NHS alongside some of the most prominent clinical leaders for over 15 years. Stuart has refined Clinical Safety & Risk Management Systems for the NHS in England, re-authored NHS safety standards using plain English campaigns, and worked at the highest level to ensure core safety engineering principles are embedded in the NHS. He has led the development of international standards for health software (including medical devices) and continues to lead the emergence of standards aligned to innovative digital health interventions.

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Webinar: How can we ensure digital systems in health and care are safe?
Date and time
Thursday 20 July, 5:00pm - 6:00pm

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