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Join us to hear from industry experts to learn about what it really means to be Quantum Safe.

Quantum computers are maturing at pace... and will eventually solve classically intractable problems. This comes with a global challenge: quantum computers may break some of the most widely-used security protocols in the world.

Join us to discuss the impact that this has on cryptography as we understand it today, and the steps organisations must take to become Quantum Safe.

About the speakers

Kate Marshall

Kate is an IT architect, developer and DevOps engineer with a deeply technical background in Physics, and specifically quantum theory, communication and computation. She is currently working as a software engineer for IBM Quantum, building the software used to facilitate experiments and programmes run on real IBM quantum hardware.

Kate also leads the global team of technical IBM Quantum Ambassadors, working directly with clients to help them understand the industry impact of quantum computing. Outside of IBM, she is a member of the BCS London committee and leads the Global Tech Advocates Quantum Working Group.

Zygmunt Lozinski

Zygmunt wants to make the world’s networks Quantum safe, including 10 billion devices and 25 million network elements. Previously he has worked with clients in 44 countries on Telco Cloud, NFV infrastructure, Edge Computing, Security and IN. Zygmunt is a Member of the IEEE and an alumnus of Imperial College London.

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Webinar: What does it mean to be Quantum Safe?
Date and time
Tuesday 25 July, 6:30pm - 8:00pm

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