A presentation on solving the major challenges associated with tiny devices.


Andrew Swirski - MD of Beetlebox


7:00pm - Presentation
8:00pm - Close of event


Recent technology media has been very focused on how extremely large applications will change all of our lives. How Chat-GPT, which is a machine learning model with 175 billion parameters, will modernise everything from CEOs writing emails to how we teach students.

Yet another, much smaller revolution is happening. Tiny, cheap and power-efficient devices that can achieve truly amazing feats, like automatic driving or intelligently respond to a user’s voice, without sacrificing privacy or needing a constant internet connection.

At Beetlebox, we aim to make this future a reality by solving the major challenges associated with tiny devices through automation. We will be showing how our solution, BeetleboxCI, can setup powerful automatic pipelines that can increase developer productivity and reduce project and security risks.

About the speaker

Andrew Swirski is founder and managing director of Beetlebox. His team's products focus on the automation of smart, embedded devices through DevOps and Continuous Integration (CI).

Beetlebox's early research was centered around hardware accelerated computer vision systems. He previously was a hardware design engineer at Intel (formerly Altera), where he designed FEC test-benches. He also interned at Entrepreneur First where he gained experience in Augmented Reality (AR) and social media.

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Webinar: Automation for a tiny future - Nottingham and Derby branch
Date and time
Monday 19 June, 7:00pm - 8:00pm

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