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An overview of 3 main projects funded by EU Interreg.

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A presentation of EU-funded research activity in a remote part of Scotland and related digital start ups.

Including the following

Caroline Laurenson, Managing Director TLTech. Smart home solutionsTitle: Kindspace. Can a conversation with a smart speaker support mental health?

Abstract: This talk will share the findings from some recent research examining whether an app on a smart speaker can be used to support mental health. The app, called Kindspace (available on the Alexa devices), aims to remove distractions associated with smartphones and create a more immersive experience that blends digital with analogue. It helps people track and maintain their wellbeing through daily check-ins, tips and advice, and interactive wellness activities such as journaling prompts, breathing exercises, affirmations, poetry and stories. During the talk insight will be given into how the trial was conducted, the data analysis and how research of this nature can be beneficial to product development.

About the speakers

Marion MacInnes is the Project Manager NHS Western Isles Research and Innovation.

Caroline Laurenson

Caroline Laurenson is the Managing Director of TL Tech, a smart home specialist based in Aberdeenshire. TL Tech supports people to maintain their independence in their own homes and are passionate about breaking down barriers to help people access technology and digital solutions. In 2020, TL Tech branched out into developing voice applications for Amazon Alexa, including their award-winning app called Kindspace and a voice accessible community services directory called My Scottish Community. When she’s not working on growing the business, you’ll find Caroline singing, sewing and inspiring others into STEM careers.

Anne Widdop

Anne Widdop has 35+ years of experience as a technologist with significal project and commercial, infrastructure and service management experience across multiple industries, including as a Global Director at IBM and HP. She is one of the few women to have reached this level in blue-chip companies. In 2021, she established

The VR Hive, a cutting edge company using AI, Gaming and Virtual Reality technology to transform the way we learn online. In the past 12 months she has created 12 high-tech jobs in Scotland, and has given many opportunities to new graduates and PhD's. The company is initially focusing on Mental Health and Wellbeing. Anne is driving a purpose led, ethical creative company tackling some of the biggest issues faced in society today.

The VR Hive:

The VR Hive's award-winning products and services span from immersive educational experiences for students of all ages to cutting-edge education and training solutions for professionals across various sectors. By blending the capabilities of AI and VR, The VR Hive has ushered in a new era of learning, where users can engage with information and acquire skills in ways never imagined. In addition to its technological prowess, The VR Hive is dedicated to making a positive impact on society. The company is committed to fostering a culture of inclusivity and accessibility, ensuring its products and services are available to people from all walks of life.

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Webinar: Digital Projects in the Western Isles - Health and Care Scotland
Date and time
Tuesday 6 June, 5:00pm - 6:00pm

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