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  • Webinar: How do we standardise or code clinical & drug information in health records

A clinician's perspective and the third in the series of webinars on health informatics standards.

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In this webinar, we will discuss the many purposes of an electronic health record (EHR) from the perspective of patients, health professionals, managerial staff, epidemiologists, researchers and data scientists. The fully functioning EHR is driven by structured data which may be in many different forms and from multiple source including radiology and pathology reports, annotated images, and documents from care encounters.

A key hurdle is changing clinical practice from recording free text to producing structured data at the point of care and SNOMED CT is a critical standard in this context. Structured clinical data facilitates improvements in direct care. Although challenging, it can also be linked with genomic data and information on life exposure events in the community as well as social and financial life.

Combining all these sources of data not only enables policy decisions for health and social care but also supports precision medicine and new discoveries in life sciences. Some of the different systems and tools will be demonstrated during the webinar but the focus will be on how SNOMED CT can be used with the health record and then mapped to other encoding systems for reporting health outcomes, quality improvements and creating efficient healthcare provision.

About the speaker

Dr Charles Gutteridge

Charles is the Chief Clinical Information Officer at Barts Health where he works with a multi-professional team on delivering health informatics to improve patient care and great computing services for all who work at the Trust.

Charles has a special interest in the use of terminologies, ontologies and natural language processing to create interoperable data and meaningful information for patients and users of health services. He has previously had leadership roles as medical director of Barts and the London Trust and National Clinical Director at Connecting for Health between 2010 and 2013. He is a clinical haematologist.

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Webinar: How do we standardise or code clinical and drug information in health records
Date and time
Thursday 22 June, 5:00pm - 6:00pm

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