Sustainable Technology and Architecture - What is happening and how it affects your organisation? Part of Big Green Week 2023.

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  • London Climate Action Week logoClimate Change is becoming an issue
  • Mitigation, adaptation, compensation + Net Zero
  • This is affecting company decisions
  • Sustainability is important to employees
  • Investors wanting to see a response to Environmental Social and Governance (ESG)
  • Consumers want companies to place sustainability at the centre of governance
  • More to Sustainability than Climate Change
  • Look at the UN SDGs here, we have 17 sustainability focus areas many of which are not specific to climate change
  • Where does the IT Function sit in this picture?

About the speaker

Alex Bardell, Chair, BCS GreenIT SG

Alexander Bardell – SDAdvocate, and Chair of the BCS Green Specialist Group and Independent Sustainable Technology Consultant. His passion for sustainability started in 2006 when he joined the IBM House of Carbon initiative, which defined a simple methodology to map and address carbon usage across an organisation. The 2015 Paris Climate Change conference was the catalyst to drive a clear requirement for action. Further developments have put sustainability at the centre of business decisions, as It becomes a prerequisite to access finance, meet regulation and changing consumers expectations.

Over time he has developed his expertise by becoming a subject matter expert for sustainable IT standards, approaches and processes, needed to transition organisations to their net 0 targets.

Alex is a business-driven Consulting Architect/ Programme Manager with a background in IT Strategy and Architectural design. His expertise relates to Enterprise and Solution architecture. He can fulfil the role of Project and Programme Management and provide Advisory Consultancy services. Alex has undertaken a number of roles in his career and has exposure to Digital Software Development and Testing; Hardware Manufacturing and Sales; Infrastructure Services and Strategic Outsourcing; Consultancy Services. He is able to engage throughout a programme life cycle and has experience of working in New Business Development and Client Relationships.

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Webinar: Sustainable Technology and Architecture - GreenIT SG
Date and time
Friday 16 June, 5:00pm - 6:00pm

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