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  • Webinar: Health Informatics in Adult Social Care - BCS Coventry branch

A talk on the challenges, opportunities and use cases provided by Informatics in Adult Social Care.


David and Georgina are writing a whitepaper on Informatics in Adult Social Care. The talk will be focused around the key themes and findings of their research, uncovering some of the challenges, opportunities and use cases. Adult Social Care includes care homes (nursing and residential), home care, reablement, day centres, supported living, community support, shared lives, substance misuse support, homelessness, and transition. The whitepaper is looking to answer the questions:

  • 'What does informatics in Adult Social Care mean?'
  • 'How can informatics, data and analytics help to tell the story of Adult Social Care?'
  • 'What communities are in place to encourage the use of informatics and develop the digital capabilities within the Adult Social Care workforce?'

About the speakers

David Sanders

David is a Senior Data Analyst at Haleon Consumer Health, working to build data products for the business across Supply Chain, Digital Marketing, R&D and Finance. He has prior experience at GSK, KPMG and Eli Lilly, and research experience focused on the provision of technology for individuals living with dementia.

Georgina Quayle

Georgina is working as a Data Product Owner at Haleon Consumer Health; supporting R&D scientists through their Digital Transformation journey, and co-developing data products that leverage existing data to support R&D processes. She is also doing a part time Masters in Healthcare Data: Informatics, Innovation and Commercialisation, at the University of Cambridge.

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Webinar: Health Informatics in Adult Social Care - BCS Coventry branch
Date and time
Wednesday 15 March, 7:00pm - 8:30pm

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