Join Dr. Matthew Shardlow for this interactive discussion.


Dr. Matthew Shardlow, Senior Lecturer, Manchester Metropolitan University


6:30pm - Refreshments and networking
7:00pm - Presentation starts
8:00pm - Event ends


Large language models such as ChatGPT give the impression of intelligence. They are capable of information recall, language translation, writing programming code all whilst generating an explanation of the output along the way. This has prompted claims that these models possess human-level intelligence, and even consciousness, or sentience. In this talk, Dr. Matthew Shardlow will describe the inner working of the transformer model that underlies GPT and other similar models driving recent advances in Artificial Intelligence. The talk will then examine chatGPT from the perspective of integrated information theory, concluding with a discussion of the limitations of AI-based language models.

About the speaker

Matthew ShardlowDr. Matthew Shardlow is a senior lecturer at Manchester Metropolitan University and is a member of the Centre for Advanced Computational Sciences. He completed his PhD at the University of Manchester in 2015 on the topic of lexical simplification. He has worked on the Horizon 2020 funded project: an Open Mining Infrastructure for Text and Data (OpenMinTeD), developing bespoke text mining infrastructures for the life sciences. More recently, his work has focussed on the topics of lexical complexity prediction and lexical simplification, 2 topics for which he has organised successful shared tasks (Semeval 2021 Task 1, TSAR-2022 Shared Task). He has tackled numerous problems within the scope of lexical semantics, ranging from the prediction of emoji in tweets, to assessing the complexity of multi-word expressions.

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Can ChatGPT and other large language models be conscious?
Date and time
Wednesday 10 May, 6:30pm - 8:00pm
University of Chester
Anna Sutton Building
Parkgate Road
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