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  • Webinar: Closing the Digital Divide: Everything, everywhere by everyone

This webinar highlights the gaps in understanding the digital divide, and what everyone can do to help.

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Being digital is something that many of us have taken for granted as part of normal life, yet many are unable to participate in this digital world.

This talk aims to provide an understanding of people at risk of becoming even more excluded.

Technology can play a role in giving people a choice and re-establish themselves as part of society. However, not everyone has access to digital or can do so. Closing the digital divide, therefore, has to be about everything, everywhere and by everyone.

In this webinar, it will cover:

  • What the issue is and why it matters
  • How technology can help combat Digital Poverty
  • How to support those who are digitally excluded
  • What are others doing to help
  • What you can you do to help

About the speaker

Freddie Quek, Chair, BCS Digital Divide Specialist Group, Founder of #Joiningthedots, Community Board member of Digital Poverty Alliance

Freddie Quek is Chief Technology Officer at Times Higher Education. He is recognised as UK’s top IT leaders by CIO100 and Computing. In 2021, he started the #joiningthedots initiative joining up 13 tech communities to address #digitalinclusion, becoming a Community Board member of the Digital Poverty Alliance and Chair of the BCS Digital Divide Specialist Group.

He serves on the boards at University of Bristol, BCS Influence Board and eLife, and a member of the Technology Advisory Group of the Royal Society of Chemistry. He co-founded TechLinkUkraine to help displaced Ukrainian tech professionals which has now joined forces with BlueHope.ai in supporting all displaced refugees regardless of conflict or country.

Freddie is a Fellow of BCS and judge for the UK IT Industry Awards. He has Masters degrees from the London School of Economics and Henley Business School, and is an alumnus of Oxford University. Currently he is a Research Associate at Henley Business School.

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Webinar: Closing the Digital Divide: Everything, everywhere by everyone
Date and time
Tuesday 23 May, 6:00pm - 7:00pm

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