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The cycle between consultancy and leadership.


6:25pm - Join the webinar with your connection details
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6:40pm - Panellists intro statements
7:50pm - Panellists curated questions
7:15pm - Open questions & discussion
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There has always been a symbiotic and even cyclic relationship between consultancy and leadership and between consultants and CIOs in particular.

  • Consultants often need to lead and CIOs often make great consultants.
  • But how can we use consultancy to plan a career in IT leadership?
  • Why would an IT leader choose a career in consultancy?

Join us for a panel discussion, a joint event between the BCS IT Leaders Forum and the BCS Consultancy Specialist Group on this important topic that most of us will be able to relate to.

About the speakers

Ali Law, Transformation delivery leader & CIO

A highly experienced transformation delivery leader & CIO, with a passion for delivering outcomes that matter. Ali has both extensive in-house delivery experience and has led major initiatives on behalf of client organisations.

As well as a focus on delivery, recognising the exponential rate of change in the world, Ali has defined and led multiple transformations to improve the delivery of change, taking advantage of leading-edge approaches and new technology to deliver faster, more responsively, foster innovation and deliver outcomes that create more benefit.

This experience has been gained through a career that combines consultancy and corporate roles (in Banking and Insurance), developing an understanding of how these can contribute and create value to each other.

Amit Modhvadia, CEO & CIO/CTO

A high-level CEO and CIO/CTO who has initiated and inspired many Business and Digital Transformations to benefit citizens, patients and financial consumers within the tax, local to national government and international banking corporations by utilizing consultancy skills to better serve the needs of the customer.

Even as a CEO, I have been an IT Consultant at heart always transforming customer needs to real life benefits which the customers can breathe, feel and relate to so that the customers can enrich every aspect of their lives.

Danny Major, Chief Advisor and Founder

As Chief Advisor and Founder, Danny Major holds a career as an executive, board member, and advisor focusing specifically on the hyper-growth of software and software services businesses.

Danny has led and scaled a variety of enterprise functions giving him first-hand experience to the critical pillars which support the shift from start-up, to scale-up, through to the enterprise – including acquisitions and successful exits.

Through Danny’s career, consultancy has given him broad exposure to different areas of the business which has helped prepare him for executive, entrepreneurial responsibilities.

Danny is a Fellow of the British Computer Society and has been recognised and awarded by a variety of institutions including; the Institute of Directors, Global Sourcing Association, IEEE-SA Standards, and is chair and founder of a charitable foundation which supports educational institutions in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

Professor William Scott-Jackson, Professor at Oxford Centre for Employee Engagement

Following a successful career in IT, William has been researching, advising and practising leadership, employee engagement and strategic capabilities for over ten years. In partnership with the CMI, CIPD and Henley Business School, he and his research teams have been responsible for some of the most radical insights published in recent times.

William’s last book Transforming Engagement, Happiness and Well-being broke new ground, with recognition from the major figures in Psychology and HR. He consults to organisations worldwide on strategy, leadership and engagement and is advisor for various governments on subjects such as national happiness and wellbeing.

With an early career in computing, he has led teams, Divisions and organisations at all levels and has built and sold several innovative consultancy businesses.

Hank Marquis, Gartner Executive Partner, Global IT Advisor | BCS Fellow, Chartered IT Pro | Ph.D. in ICT Org Leadership | 5x High-Tech Exit Entrepreneur | Author, Speaker, Researcher | Multilingual US Army Vet | Career Growth Advocate

Hank Marquis, an Executive Partner at Gartner, has a wealth of IT leadership and consultancy experience.

He's a BCS Fellow and Chartered IT Professional with a Ph.D. in ICT Organizational Leadership. Before Gartner, Hank was a senior leader at a Fortune 50 retailer. Before that, he held various technical and business roles within commercial and consulting firms. His job titles included Technician, Consultant, Analyst, CEO and CTO, and VP of Marketing and Sales across telecommunications, education, and high-tech industries.

A published author, sought-after keynote speaker, and dedicated researcher, he's driven business development and led teams across the US, Europe, Central America, and EMEA. Fluent in Spanish and English, a US Army veteran, Hank is deeply committed to fostering career growth through innovative lateral pathways.

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This event is brought to you by: BCS Consultancy specialist group and BCS IT Leaders Forum

Hybrid event: How do we plan a career in leadership through consulting (Panel discussion)
Date and time
Thursday 16 November, 6:30pm - 8:30pm
BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT
Ground Floor, 25 Copthall Avenue