Mostly unseen, Domain Name System (DNS) management is critical to an organisation's online presence and the smooth running of the Internet.


Dr Lara Howlett: Head of Insights at Nominet, Chris Appleyard and Paul Stead: DNS Engineers at Nominet


7:00pm - Refreshments and networking
7:30pm - Presentation. Dr Lara Howlett, Chris Appleyard & Paul Stead
8:45pm - Q&A
9:00pm - Close


DNS (Domain Name System) is the phone book of the internet. It works in the background but without it your browser wouldn’t know where to find a web page. This presentation will delve into the world of DNS and security with a focus from Nominet the .UK registry.

Whether you're a seasoned IT professional or just beginning your journey into domains and DNS management, this session will provide valuable insights and practical tips to enhance your domain and DNS practices while ensuring the security of your online assets.

About the speakers

Dr Lara Howlett

Dr Lara Howlett is the Head of Insights at Nominet where she is responsible for data across the organisation. She looks after both the data engineering that gets data onto our data platform and into an analysis ready state; and the analytical and data science activity that drives insight for the organisation. Lara has worked in Data related roles for over 20 years that have spanned Physics, Finance and the Technology sectors. This has covered everything from building Monte Carlo simulations of particle detectors, creating regulatory reporting based on the cash flows of a building society and now using data to understand the performance of DNS and Registry Systems. Lara is passionate about Diversity and Inclusion and has taken an active role in driving this agenda throughout her career.

Chris Appleyard

Chris is a dedicated member of the DNS team at Nominet where he serves as a DNS Engineer. He plays a pivotal part in ensuring the smooth operation of Nominet's DNS infrastructure while steadfastly upholding its security. He brings a wealth of experience to his role. His journey in the world of technology has seen him serve in various Network Operations Centres and IT service desks across multiple organisations. This diverse background has helped him with a comprehensive understanding of DNS and Network management, troubleshooting, and IT service delivery. Chris has a passion for sharing his expertise and insights in the field of DNS and security. In his spare time, he dedicates himself to writing informative and engaging blog posts, focusing on topics related to DNS and security. His commitment to knowledge sharing not only showcases his dedication to his craft but also contributes to the broader tech community's understanding of these critical domains. In the fast-paced and ever-evolving landscape of DNS and cybersecurity, Chris's role as a DNS Engineer at Nominet is instrumental in ensuring the continued reliability and security of critical national infrastructure. His combination of hands-on experience and a commitment to knowledge dissemination makes him a valuable asset to both Nominet and the wider tech community.

Paul Stead

Paul embarked on his journey in the world of technology at the young age of 16 when he took on his first role as tech support at Freeserve. This early experience ignited his passion for the field and laid the foundation for his illustrious 22-year career. Today, Paul stands as a seasoned DNS Engineer with an impressive track record. Throughout his career, he has been dedicated to designing and architecting DNS and IT infrastructures, making substantial contributions to the industry. Currently, Paul is leading the charge on his latest project, which involves building, maintaining, and operating the Nominet DNS platforms for .UK. His meticulous approach ensures that work is carried out in a safe and controlled manner, safeguarding the reliability of the DNS infrastructure. Paul's extensive expertise extends beyond DNS his experience spans HTTP, Email, DNS, Logging, and other core infrastructure and ISP software. Paul is a proficient automation specialist, well-versed in both Puppet and Ansible. Outside of his professional endeavours Paul is a dedicated Program Committee Member for the Apache Foundation's Spam assassin Project. Beyond the world of technology, he is an avid climber and caver, known as a passionate potholer during his leisure time. Paul's remarkable journey, from his early days in tech support at Freeserve to his current role as a DNS Engineer, continues to shape and advance the field.

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Its always DNS! Understanding internet domain names
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Thursday 9 November, 7:00pm - 9:00pm
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