An overview of Neurodiversity: living with ASD and ADHD and how we can help.

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In this talk, Cybill will give an overview of Neurodiversity and show some of the strengths and struggles with her conditions and examples of how the conditions can overlap. Cybill will give some personal advice on how the neurodiverse can be supported in their roles from a manager's and business view, and Cybill will identify what helps her be successful at work. Cybill will also examine how the whole employee cycle can be made more accessible to everyone.

About the speaker

Cybill Watkins

Cybill only found out about Autism and ADHD a couple of years ago when someone close to her made a passing comment – queue her obsession of researching anything she doesn’t understand that has a personal element. Cybill has only been formally diagnosed this year with Autism and ADHD combined.

She has spent nearly 30 years in payroll and early this year made the move to software development following her obsession of payroll and HR laws and legislations. She is very fortunate to have had the chance to give presentations and even have an article on this published, and she is passionate about shouting out how great this group are if only they would be truly understood.

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Webinar: Neurodiversity - A lived guide - Leicester branch
Date and time
Wednesday 18 October, 6:30pm - 9:00pm

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