A talk by Jim Andrews discussing his artwork Aleph Null.

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In my virtual talk, I'll present various facets of Aleph Null, the second graphic synthesizer I've written. I started Aleph Null in 2011. I'm working on version 4.0. I wrote it to explore some of the possibilities of generative visual computer art in an online, interactive environment. It's part tool, part work of art. Some of the art I've created with it can be found in the links below. Some of this work is purely visual; some of it is more textual. Version 4.0 will present the software itself and some projects I've created with it recently – see the links below...

PDF for the talk
Alchemical Cosmography
Time Machine
No New Ideas
Colour Music
Collaboration with Adeena Karasick
Collaboration with Bill Bissett
Collaboration with Jim Leftwich
Collaboration with Kirill Azernyy
Collaboration with Daniel F. Bradley

About the speaker

Jim Andrews has been publishing vispo.com since 1996. It's the centre of his work as a visual artist, poet, audio artist, programmer and theorist. Vispo.com houses his interactive, programmed art, primarily in JavaScript/HTML/CSS, his essays on the poetics of such art, and a guest section of like-minded fellow artists. His work is primarily known among the digital poets, but it's a synthesis of several media and arts. He has a degree in English from the U of Victoria in Canada, and studied three more years of math and computer science there. He lives in Vancouver.

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Webinar: The Aleph Null Project – Jim Andrews
Date and time
Wednesday 27 September, 7:00pm - 8:30pm

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