BCS Policy Jam.


  • Lord Clement-Jones former Chair of the House of Lords Artificial Intelligence Select Committee and Co-Chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Artificial Intelligence. He is a Liberal Democrat Peer and their spokesman for Digital in the House of Lords.
  • Tom Bristow, Tech Reporter, Politico
  • Lisa Forte: Cyber Security Expert and partner at Red Goat Cyber Security and BCS Fellow
  • Hannah Perry, Researcher at CASM, the digital policy unit at Demos. She leads Demos’s information ecosystem programmes with an interest in how our democratic systems, institutions and cultures evolve in a digital age.
  • James Woodward Director of Communications BCS


12:00pm - Event starts
1:00pm - Event ends


April's Policy Jam will reveal the results of our latest BCS members survey into the likely impact of Deepfakes on the General Election later this year.

How can voters tell what’s genuine in an era of AI-generated content, impressive looking - but biased - 'news' websites and social media bots? How concerned are IT professionals and what solutions to do they support?

There's also growing mistrust of mainstream media. So, how do political parties navigate this?

Join us to find out more at midday on Wednesday April 24, more details coming soon of our exciting panel!

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Webinar: Fake news and the UK General Election
Date and time
Wednesday 24 April, 12:00pm - 1:00pm

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