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Dan Ashby


6:00pm - Arrival, networking and refreshments
6:30pm - Start of talk, Dan Ashby
7:00pm - Questions and answers
7:45pm - Event ends


Some of us might be used to working with OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) and KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), but it's often a struggle to connect the achievements of reaching the OKRs and hitting the KPIs with our own personal growth - be that growth within our career progression aspirations, or in achieving that deeper sense of intrinsic motivation in terms of understanding our value at a personal level. "Impact" really is the essential addition to make that connection.

In this talk, Dan will present a "Career Impact Framework" that has been developed over the past 6 years. He will share stories and examples of various situations of this framework in use and how it's helped overcome morale challenges, supported people get extrinsic rewards such as promotions, assisted with overcoming behavioural "gamed-growth" situations, and ultimately helped people "grow" in their careers.

About the speaker

Dan AshbyDan Ashby

Dan is an experienced Leader, Coach and Strategist. Driven by quality, he takes pride in evolving and growing people, processes and products within his workplace and in the external communities.

As Director of Engineering at Ada Health, Dan's impact includes leading on Ada's "Digital Front Door" Enterprise product - a certified SaMD product that utilizes AI to help people with Health Assessment and Care Navigation capabilities. He is also impactfully growing a thriving culture within Engineering, while striving to improve regulatory and compliance processes in line with the Continuous Compliance movement, all through using a "Leadership as a Host" style of leadership.

In addition to his job, Dan also is a frequent public speaker and blogger, and has been recognized for his thought leadership and models in the Quality and Testing space.

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How do you "grow" in your career? - Edinburgh branch
Date and time
Wednesday 7 February, 6:30pm - 7:45pm
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Quartermile One, 15 Lauriston Place
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