In this session you'll see how Digital Twins, 3D models and Virtual Reality are being applied to bring benefit.

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Digital Twins are starting to be used in business applications, but they are still fairly cutting edge and not well understood even by Digital and Computing specialists. In this session I will explain the definition of a Digital Twin and its key components. Beyond the theory, we will walk you through a some example uses of Digital Twins in cities across the globe, but primarily will focus on the growing adoption of Digital Twins and 3D models by Local Authorities in the urban planning process.

The Urban Planning Process was developed in the 1950s and isn’t coping with the governments agenda for faster change and approvals of planning applications, and in this session you’ll see how Digital Twins, 3D models and virtual reality are being applied in that context and the benefits they bring.

About the speaker

Sharon Dempsey

After 40 years’ experience leading global transformation programmes, Sharon is now advising 2 SMEs who are at the cutting edge of IoT, Drone (Smart batteries) & Digital Twins, using my skills to guide the scaling the organisations and launch cutting edge products and services.

During her career she has lead many digital firsts including Walmart's first go-live of Home Shopping, and successfully delivered complex programmes such as the world's largest suite of data migrations.

It’s with pride that Sharon can say that she has helped the wheels of democracy keep turning through Covid and as Director of Data for the Parliamentary Digital Service , was the key technical advisor to the creation of an act of Parliament related to data sharing

Sharon is a STEM Ambassador, local member of the BCS, and has just retired from 2 terms of office at 2 Multi Academy Trusts where I Chaired Audit & Risk committees.

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Webinar: Digital Twins in the Urban Planning Process
Date and time
Monday 19 February, 7:00pm - 8:00pm

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