Geoff Davis will show a sample of work from his new Anthology, and give a general overview of the AI and art field.


Geoff Davis & Friends


7:00pm - Introduction and welcome, Sean Clark
7:15pm - Event, Geoff Davis & Friends
8:15pm - Questions and answers with discussion.
9:00pm - Event ends


AI Creative Writing + Anthology book coverThe AI Creative Writing Anthology presents an exploration of new writing techniques, incorporating contributions from a diverse range of artists and authors. This collection features short stories and poetry, along with more visual artworks that incorporate text, and demonstrate the capabilities of text generation systems.

The book serves as a resource for overcoming creative challenges and enhancing productivity. It aims to provide inspiration and practical tips for those interested in the evolving landscape of AI art and creative writing.

The AI Creative Writing Anthology is a comprehensive guide for anyone eager to explore the intersection of creativity and artificial intelligence in writing.

The event will be recorded and uploaded to the CAS YouTube Channel.

About the speaker

Geoff Davis is an artist and writer who specialises in Art & AI. He is also a CAS Committee Member.

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Webinar: Part 2: AI Creative Writing & Art Anthology Second Edition
Date and time
Thursday 22 February, 7:00pm - 9:00pm

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