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Maria Violaris


6:00pm – 8:00pm: Presentations and discussions


Quantum computing is an entirely new way of processing information. It has potential to solve certain problems much faster than classical computing, in fields ranging from chemistry to cryptography. In this talk, Maria Violaris will explain what quantum computers are, how they work and the challenges of building them. Then she will discuss their potential applications and why there is a global race to build them, involving universities, tech giants, start-ups and governments. Finally, she will summarise today’s quantum landscape and the outlook for the future of quantum science and technology.

About the speaker

Maria Violaris

Maria Violaris is a PhD researcher in quantum information at the University of Oxford, and a prize-winning science communicator. Working with IBM Quantum, she created a 14-part video series for the Qiskit YouTube channel, using quantum computers to demystify paradoxes.

Previously she interned at Riverlane, where she built a “Raspberry Pi quantum computing lab” simulation. She writes quantum news articles for Physics World; is on the IOP QQQ group committee; and founded Oxford Quantum Information Society. She frequently creates and participates in events, initiatives, talks, workshops and podcasts aimed at High School students, public and learners, and has published research in quantum education.

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Webinar: Quantum Computing
Date and time
Tuesday 20 February, 6:00pm - 8:00pm

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