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Digital Literacy is not only been talked about but has become an part of the essential life skills for surviving and thriving in the modern world.


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Emefa Takyi-Amoako will give a presentation on encouraging girls, women and people of BAME descent, who even today, as it has and continues to be, seem not to have achieved equal representation in the STEAM subjects. James Uhomoibhi will give a presentation on AI in Education: Developing and Delivering Relevant Education Informed by Culture, Tradition and Technology in Emerging Communities. The e-Learning Specialist Group in collaboration with BAME+ Network and the MAVRLAB (Mixed Augmented and Virtual Reality Laboratory) at Ulster University jointly supports tonight’s seminar on Women/Girls in STEAM and on the use of AI and technology in the provision of relevant education for all.

Digital Literacy is not only been talked about but has become an part of the essential life skills for surviving and thriving in the modern world. This has not only exposed the reality of digital divide that exists in society but has gone as far as revealed the depth of the problem and the need to address it. In this series of seminars/workshops on the different aspects of digital literacy is being presented addressing challenges and the future of digital technology in education, in the public sector, in the business world, in voluntary organisations locally and globally.

The role of women and girls are crucial to every aspects of life in society. This has not been reflected in the opportunities provided to the group but at home, in education and in the workplace. Recent developments points to the need to develop and implement policies for encouraging the least represented members of society to live life to the full and contribute all aspects of life in society.

In memory of Ada Lovelace, born 10 December 1815, a mathematician, writer and first programmer, who was the first to recognise that the analytic machine had applications beyond pure calculation, and her contributions to the field of computing, the e-Learning is happy to present the talks of Emefa Amoaku and James Uhomoibhi exploring different aspects of digital literacy, digital divide and policies affecting women, girls and the underrepresented, as well as the provision of relevant education informed by culture, tradition and technology in emerging communities.

About the speakers

Dr Emefa J.A. Takyi-Amoako

Dr Emefa J.A. Takyi-Amoako is the Executive Director of Institutional Development at the Catholic Institute of Business and Technology (CIBT), a university college in Accra, Ghana. She is also Regional Editor at Bloomsbury Publishing, UK and Founder and CEO of Attaining the Peak, UK and Africa. She is Education, Gender and Research Consultant; and Senior Quality Expert (Higher Education) and Consultant for the European Union, African Union and the Association of African Universities on joint projects. As University Lecturer, she has taught at both undergraduate and graduate levels. She also has several publications, and they include her edited and co-edited books, Education in West Africa (2015) and Re-visioning Education in Africa (2018) published by Bloomsbury Publishing and Palgrave Macmillan respectively.

Dr Takyi-Amoako holds a doctorate in Comparative and International Education from Oxford University, UK. Prior to this she obtained her two master’s degrees from Oxford University’s Wadham and St Anne’s Colleges as well as a Bachelor’s degree from Ghana’s University of Cape Coast.

Dr James Uhomoibhi

Dr James Uhomoibhi CITP, FBCS, FHEA is Visiting Professor of Computer Science and Information Technology at Igbinedion University, Okada, and at Ambrose Alli University, Ekpoma, He was Faculty e-Learning Coordinator for eleven years and is now Head of both MAVRLAB (Mixed Augmented and Virtual Reality Laboratory) and the AI Research Group in the AI Research Centre at Ulster University. He is Visiting Professor of Science, Technology and Environmental Studies at the Open University of Tanzania. He is Chair of the e-Learning Specialist Group at BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT. He is also the Chair of the Computation Physics Group of the institute of Physics. He is author of several research publications. He has edited and co-edited many books and proceedings of international conferences some of which he chaired. He has won many awards for achievements in Engineering Education and in Community education. James Uhomoibhi is the African Laser Centre Representative in Europe.

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Webinar: Encouraging girls, women and people of BAME descent into STEAM education
Date and time
Friday 19 January, 6:00pm - 7:00pm

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