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  • Hybrid event: Releasing poorly tested systems - how to have another IT disaster

A Sussex branch event.


  • Brian Hitchen
  • Mike Lee


6:00pm - Networking and food
6:30pm - Talk by Brian Hitchen and Mike Lee
7:15pm - Open discussion of issues raised
8:30pm - Event ends


Brian Hitchen and Mike Lee will give a talk on how inadequate testing before release leads to failures of IT systems in use with particular reference to some famous IT disasters.

We will be looking at how large IT applications are designed and built, including the many testing phases that are needed for success.

Testing is often under pressure because it is right at the end of the process and so will often be seen as holding up the release of the finished system.

We will use real-world examples of failure (NHS systems, the Child Support Agency etc.) to show how things work in practice.

This will be followed by an open discussion on how we can avoid repeating such mistakes in future.

About the speakers

Brian Hitchen and Mike Lee have published many books on IT - including 'Hacked!: A warning for small business', 'Cyberwall', and 'Disaster Avoidance: Active Disaster Recovery for Small Business.

Our events are for adults aged 16 years and over.

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Hybrid event: Releasing poorly tested systems - how to have another IT disaster
Date and time
Wednesday 26 June, 6:30pm - 8:30pm
University of Sussex
Chichester Lecture Theatre
This event is sold out