Delivering effective, efficient and useful clinical risk management in ICBs - A case study from Somerset and the South West Region.


Maggie Lay


12:30pm - Presentation by Maggie Lay
1:30pm - Close of webinar


Maggie is a very experienced Clinical Safety Officer and has been working to develop a programme approach to risk management across an organisation.

Attendees will learn how a template has been developed to deliver a system wide approach to risk management, improving efficiency and overall safety.

About the speaker

Maggie Lay

Maggie is a Clinical Informatics Lead and Clinical Safety Officer at South Central and West CSU, as well as a Registered Nurse and Fellow of the Faculty of Clinical Informatics.

Maggie has worked clinically for over 25 years, mostly in community settings, and is passionate about the importance of relevant and timely information to support the effective and kind delivery of care.

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Webinar: A system approach to clinical risk management
Date and time
Wednesday 5 June, 12:30pm - 1:30pm