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A presentation regarding building systems that learn.


Sorrel Harriet


7:00pm - Welcome by the BCS Nottingham & Derby chair
7:05pm - Talk starts
7:50pm - Q&A
7:55pm - Final remarks
8:00pm - Event ends


If we want to build systems that are resilient to change and uncertainty, we need to build systems that learn. Contrary to what the UK Education system would have us believe, learning is not a linear, predictable process that can be controlled and administered; nor is it synonymous with progression. Learning is emergent.

Therefore we need to give attention to the environment and interactions between components in the system in order to enable that emergence. We also need to coach the system to adopt autonomous learning behaviours - and this may begin at the subsystem level. In this workshop, we will introduce a tool you can use independently, with someone you’re coaching, or in a group, to start to enable autonomous learning behaviours. Of course, there are many more tools available, and, what we hope this workshop will give you, is a sense of freedom to experiment with non-linear and whole system approaches to learning and development.

About the speaker

Sorrel Harriet

Sorrel is a learning specialist with 15+ years experience enabling learning in the education and technology sectors. I currently operate as a solo consultant, offering ‘Learning-as-a-Service’ - a range of services aimed at enabling the continuous learning and growth of individuals, teams and whole organisations in the technology sector.

Sorrel's approaches are influenced by experiences working in Higher Education, and by enthusiasm for modern software engineering principles and flow based approaches to organisational design.

Our events are for adults aged 16 years and over.

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Webinar: A tool for autonomous learning - Nottingham and Derby branch
Date and time
Monday 17 June, 7:00pm - 8:00pm

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