An introduction to machine learning and how it is being used in our society. Plus, learn how you can get involved!


Susanna Green


6:00pm - Start of online presentation
7:00pm - Estimated Finish


Machine learning is now part of our everyday lives. Whether it is opening your phone using facial recognition, diagnosing lung cancer, connecting with your friends on social media, recommending products on your online grocery shop, to asking ChatGPT to ‘Write me a 1000 word essay on the Viking invasion?’

We have seen machine learning integrated into all sectors of our society but, what actually is machine learning? In this talk we will explore how machines 'learn', how machine learning has revolutionised our society, and some of the challenges faced by machine learning engineers.

We will also look at some of the ways machine learning is being used in astronomy and finally we will discuss how you can get involved with astronomy machine learning research... because we need you!

About the speaker

Susanna GreenSusanna Green

Susanna Green is a third year PhD student at the Institute of Cosmology and Gravitation, at the University of Portsmouth. She is researching how machine learning can be applied to the gravitational wave data analysis pipeline.

Even though she is doing an Astrophysics PhD she spends her time oscillating between being a software engineer, machine learning engineer, and a data scientist. Plus she helps out with a YouTube channel (@fieldof_view) in her free time!

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Webinar: Are machines the next Einstein?
Date and time
Monday 10 June, 6:00pm - 7:00pm