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  • Webinar: Autism and the IT profession - a response to The Buckland Report

Co-producing a community response.


Matthew Bellringer - Chair - BCS NeurodiverseIT SG


6.00pm - Introduction to the topic and the method we will be using
6.20pm - Small group discussion of themes
6.50pm - Full group discussion and document creation
7.20pm - Wrap-up
7.30pm - Finish


The Government’s Buckland Report on autism and employment was published earlier this year. In this event, we will create a response to the report from the perspective of the IT professionals in our community.

The UK government commissioned the Buckland Report in 2023 to address the barriers and disincentives resulting in low numbers of autistic people in employment. By conducting a series of consultations, gathering other inputs and leveraging the support of Autistica’s resources, it came up with recommendations on the following themes:

  • Initiatives to raise awareness, reduce stigma and capitalise on productivity
  • Supporting autistic people to begin or return to a career
  • Recruitment practices that appropriately support autistic applicants
  • Supporting autistic people already in the workforce
  • Encouraging and supporting career progression

This event aims to explore these themes in the context of the IT profession and the BCS to produce an article on the topic that will be submitted to the BCS blog and magazine. We will have an introduction to the Buckland Report from Marc Goblot, a NeuroDiverseIT committee member who participated in consultations.

We will then explore each theme in small groups and reconvene to discuss what each group has found. You will be asked to contribute to the discussion and creation of the final document to the degree you feel comfortable doing so. You do not need any particular expertise in the area.

The purpose of this approach is to make sure that our response is as broadly representative as possible.

Our events are for adults aged 16 years and over.

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This event is brought to you by: NeurodiverseIT specialist group

Webinar: Autism and the IT profession - a response to The Buckland Report
Date and time
Thursday 20 June, 6:00pm - 7:30pm