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  • Webinar: Bridging the Digital Divide: Technology harnessed for children in care

Exploring the lack of technology access and skills for children in care and how it can improve outcomes for disadvantaged young people.


  • Rubi Kaur (Host)
  • Rowan Aderyn
  • Christian Brock
  • Mathew Davies


12:00pm - Introductions
12:15pm - Panel Conversation
12:45pm - Questions and Answers
1:00pm - Close


In this session we will explore some of the lived experience of growing up in care and the digital divide many care experienced children and young people face. We will talk about examples of how we can use technology to unlock improved outcomes for children in care and the opportunities of technology to unlock success futures.

About the speakers

Rubi Kaur (Host)

Rubi Kaur is the Chief Enterprise Architect at Lloyds Banking Group. With over 25 years of technical lead experience from previous roles at Vodafone, BT, O2 and the UK Government, Rubi has led award winning teams to win the Business Green IT Team of the year and the UK Government Finance Award for Sustainability. She is fellow and former Trustee of the British Computer Society, Chartered Institute of IT and is the Inclusion Officer the BCS Digital Divide Specialist Group.

Rubi’s passion is to help design and build progressive, fair, inclusive, ethical and responsible digital technology for everyone. For the last 4 years Rubi has featured in the Computer Weekly list of most Influential Women in technology.

Rowan Aderyn

Rowan Aderyn is Lead Business Architect within Lloyds Banking Group. They are also a seasonal lecturer at the University of South Wales and a published author.

A qualified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, Togaf Accredited, with a Masters Degree in Project Management who studied Inclusive Leadership with Cambridge University.

They have over two decades of experience in shaping and delivering change in a highly regulated and complex organisation. They are the founder of the charity fostered futures and lead the Equity, Inclusion and Diversity Working Group for the Newport Royal Foundation Homewards initiative to end people experiencing homelessness.

Christian Brock

Christian Brock is Co-founder and Managing Director of Virtual Memory Box, a tech for good product that’s being adopted by children’s service teams across the UK. He has worked for over 15 years in digital agencies, building ground-breaking tech like web platforms, native apps and AR/VR products.

He’s now using this breadth of experience in commercialisation, project management and product design to provide some of most vulnerable in society with the ability to safely store and organise their precious memories as they go through the care system.

Matthew Davies, Founder & CEO, The Social Work Way

With a degree in social work from the Open University, Matthew brings over 17 years of dedicated service in children's services, both as an experienced social worker and a team manager. His career is driven by a deep-seated passion for the field of social work, combined with a keen interest in how technology can be leveraged to enhance the effectiveness and reach of social work. This dual interest has motivated Matthew to found the Social Work Way app, exploring innovative solutions that bridge the gap between traditional social work practices and modern technological advancements, aiming to transform the landscape of social work for the better throughout the UK.

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Webinar: Bridging the Digital Divide: Technology harnessed for children in care
Date and time
Monday 24 June, 12:00pm - 1:00pm

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