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  • Webinar: Fundamental concepts in Artificial Intelligence for real world applications

Review of Responsible AI: Key concepts, risks, and opportunities in the digital economy and Generative AI, with a focus on sustainability.


Professor Ciprian Daniel Neagu


6:00pm - Presentation starts
6:45pm - Q&A
7:00pm - Event close


This presentation introduces and reviews fundamental Responsible Artificial Intelligence (AI) concepts and their applications with consequent risks, dilemmas and expectations in the current and future (digital) economy advances in the age of big data.

As the economy increasingly shifts toward Generative AI approaches, understanding Responsible Artificial Intelligence features, legal and technology requirements and their computational complexities is a key factor for active innovators and developers of present and future industrial revolutions and developments with responsible awareness of sustainable development goals.

We will critically identify, review, analyse and report opportunities and threats presented by such concepts for applications in real world developments.

About the speaker

Professor Ciprian Daniel Neagu

Professor Ciprian Daniel Neagu has 20+ years of funded research leadership. He is the University of Bradford's AI Research (AIRE) Group Leader, the Academic Liaison for Turing University Network, Academic Coordinator for Exchange Studies in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence, active speaker on Responsible AI, SAFI lead for Engineering Big Data Statistical and Machine Learning delivery (ASTE).

His research focuses on fundamental approaches for Responsible and Sustainable Artificial Intelligence, and applications in Digital Technologies for Engineering, Product Safety, Healthcare, Social Media, HBIMs and Arts. This research has been motivated by his desire to advance the AI field by studying systems from rigorous computational and philosophical perspectives.

The main theme throughout his academic work is to develop models of multidisciplinary information systems by the fusion of know-what, know-how and computational information. He strongly believes Computer Science is now the media for knowledge acquisition, analysis, design, and validation: therefore he leads research towards the AI technologies that serve responsibly sustainable aims that play vital roles in the progress of science and society.

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Webinar: Fundamental concepts in Artificial Intelligence for real world applications
Date and time
Friday 7 June, 6:00pm - 7:00pm

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