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  • Hybrid event: Great Debate 2024 Artificial Intelligence (AI): Threat or Opportunity?

Joint event hosted by IET.


  • Andrew Lea, Head of AI, PXP
  • Mona Ashok, Assoc Prof, HBS UoR
  • Dan Remenyi Hon Prof, SMIG
  • Alan Mosca, CTO nPlan


6:15pm - Free tea and coffee
7:00pm - Event starts
9:00pm - Event ends


The use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in businesses is not new. However, generative AI such as ChatGPT has propelled the interest in digital transformation in businesses and their customers.

Early adopters of generative AI have shown promising results like improved customer experience, enhanced customer satisfaction, personalised services and marketing, better productivity and enriched interactions.

However, businesses must consider the challenges:

  • AI requires good data (data literacy, integrated systems, data skills and capabilities).
  • The implementer of AI has additional responsibility to assess ethical issues like bias, privacy, security, fairness, autonomy, societal impact, dignity, safety and job security.

At this year’s Great Debate four speakers will address different aspects of AI implementation and the benefits and challenges they entail. Regulation will also be discussed.

  1. How will AI affect our life? - Andrew Lea, Head of AI, PXP
  2. Boom or bust / Challenges facing AI. - Mona Ashok, Assoc Prof, HBS UoR
  3. Bias and inequality - Dan Remenyi Hon Prof, SMIG
  4. How should/can we control and regulate it? - Alan Mosca, CTO nPlan

About the speakers

Mona Ashod

Mona Ashod is a Fellow of the UK Higher Education Academy, a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, a Certified Software Quality Analyst and Six Sigma Master Black Belt. She has 20 years of corporate leadership experience in global IT and accounting firms; worked in Asia, Australia, Europe and Northern America. In Higher Education she has led post-experienced postgraduate and undergraduate programmes. Mona’s research and practical work have received tremendous commendations. She has been invited to deliver seminars-keynotes by international think tanks (Asian Development Bank Institute), Government bodies, professional bodies, and universities in the UK and internationally.

Dr Dan Remenyi

Dr Dan Remenyi has closely followed developments in AI since the 1960’s shortly after the expression artificial intelligence was coined by John McCarty at Dartford. Over this period, he has observed may twists and turns in this technology which has resulted in some very interesting applications. One of these is the AI-Chatbot for which it is now claimed that there are as many as a billion enquiries per month. During the past 30 years Dan has held various professorial appointments at Universities in the UK, Republic of Ireland, South Africa and Sweden. He has authored or co-authored more than 30 books and some 50 academically refereed papers. Some of his books have been translated into Chinese, Japanese and Romanian. He holds a BSocSc, an MBA and a PhD.

Alan Mosca

Alan is the co-founder and CTO of nPlan, where he leads technology, research, and product, whilst developing thought leadership about forecasting and risk. Before nPlan, Alan spent 7 years as a technologist in quantitative finance, on live trading systems, research, and front-office in both high-frequency trading and asset management. Alan has extensive experience in algorithm design and software engineering and holds a BEng in Computer Engineering, MSc in Computer Science, and doctoral research in machine learning theory. Alan is a motivational leader who dedicates huge amounts of time to his team and encourages them to challenge themselves and think outside the box. He empowers his colleagues by demonstrating trust and has a keen interest in understanding different styles of learning which in turn, will help Alan develop his own leadership style amongst his team.

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Hybrid event: Great Debate 2024 Artificial Intelligence (AI): Threat or Opportunity?
Date and time
Wednesday 13 March, 7:00pm - 9:00pm
The Henley Business School, University of Reading
Whiteknights Campus
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