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Product-centric UX with product managers at the core. Better user journeys & happier customers through collaboration & user-centricity.


Amina Akugri


7:00pm - Welcome from the BCS Nottingham & Derby Chair
7:05pm - Talk starts
7:50pm - Q&A
7:55pm - Final remarks
8:00pm - Event close


In the dynamic realm of user experience (UX), the paradigm shift towards a product-centric approach is a beacon for innovation and customer satisfaction. This presentation delves into the multifaceted landscape of redefining user experiences by harnessing the power of product management.

At the heart of this transformation lies a strategic collaboration between product managers and cross-functional teams. By working in synergy with development, design, and marketing teams, product managers become the orchestrators of cohesive and seamless user journeys.

The role of product managers extends beyond the conventional realms, as they not only facilitate communication and coordination but also champion user-centricity. By intimately understanding user needs and preferences, product managers guide the development process to align with these critical aspects. Their expertise in interpreting market trends and customer feedback ensures that each product iteration is a response to evolving user expectations.

This iterative process, fueled by the collaborative efforts of product managers and diverse teams, leads to the creation of products that not only meet but exceed user expectations, ultimately enhancing overall user experiences.

The presentation emphasizes the power of a product-centric approach by highlighting how product managers' dynamic collaboration with cross-functional teams and focus on user needs to elevate user experiences to unparalleled levels of satisfaction and delight.

About the speaker

Amina AkugriAmina Akugri

Amina Akugri is the Co-Founder of Help Me Settle, a one-stop International Student platform and an AI-powered relocation and Career companion.

Amina has over 10 years of working experience in the Insurance, UK Higher Education and Tax sector. Amina has a keen interest in the UK Higher Education sector following from her role as two times elected Vice President International at the University of Lincoln Student’s Union.

In her role as Non-Executive Director on the SUMS Board, Amina contributed to the strategic planning, decision making & product development of the Student Orders App.

Her passion for product management and product development got her involved in the building of fintech and Edtech products.

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Redefining User Experience - The Power of a Product-Centric Approach
Date and time
Monday 18 March, 7:00pm - 8:00pm
Clifton Campus
College Drive
NG11 8NS
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