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  • Webinar: Designing an Inclusive Wearable Product to close the digital divide

Digital Divide specialist group event.


Elodie Draperi, CEO of GiveVision


5:00pm - Introduction by Maria Shiao, BCS DD SG
5:05pm - Presentation by Elodie Draperi, CEO of GiveVision
5:45pm - Q&A
6:00pm - Finish


This presentation by Elodie Draperi, CEO of GiveVision showcases how technologies such as VR can help close the digital divide for those with visual impairment.

How does developing a low vision aid using a user-centric approach make it accessible? What are the main considerations in R&D and product development to build an inclusive hardware product? What does it entail to build on existing consumer products? Get more insights on GiveVision product development journey towards an innovative use of VR for the low vision community.

After developing a low vision headset, registered class 1 medical device, that can enhance the remaining sight of the visually impaired, GiveVision team adapted their solution to be optimised for live events. Today, this is their core business, working with sport clubs, event organisers & sponsors to improve the accessibility standards of sport and cultural events.

Their mission is to be a new accessibility standard.

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About the speaker

Elodie Draperi

Elodie is the CEO and co-founder of GiveVision. She was one of recipients of Women in Innovation in 2022, and has been involved in various projects to design innovative services and products with high positive impact. Putting the end-user at the heart of a project has been her main goal, and one of her strengths is to reach out to end-users and involve them in the innovation process.

From prototype to market, Elodie translated people’s feedback into product requirements & improvements, built a pool of 4,000 testers, customers and a pipeline of more than 40 international and local partners to develop product lines and implement while raising awareness about low vision.

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Webinar: Designing an Inclusive Wearable Product to close the digital divide
Date and time
Thursday 14 March, 5:00pm - 6:00pm

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