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On International Women’s Day, an insight into degree apprenticeships and encouraging women in STEM careers.

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On International Women’s Day, an insight into degree apprenticeships and encouraging women in STEM careers.

Chloe Baker, NOC will explain how she heard about the degree apprenticeship route, why she made that choice, her experience over the 3 years, including employers, and how the Apprenticeship degree and work experience led to her current role at the National Oceanography Centre (NOC) Kimberley Draper, Lecturer in Digital Business and Programme Leader for DTSP Apprenticeship at University of Winchester, will give a presentation around degree apprenticeships, an excellent way of starting out in a tech/STEM career.

Combining both work experience alongside a degree, considering the benefits and opportunities prevalent to degree apprenticeship learners. Providing an overview from an academic perspective, how the premise of degree apprenticeships and providers work together to provide a holistic experience and overview of careers and specific pathways.

They will welcome questions from participants, - it is a growing provision with plentiful higher apprenticeship schemes across the country and in differing industries. The purpose is to increase the awareness and benefits of selecting a degree apprenticeship route at the outset of your career.

About the speakers

Kimberley Draper

Kimberley DraperKimberley Draper BA Hons, MSc, is a Programme Leader for Digital Technology Solutions Professional degree apprenticeship at The University of Winchester. As University of Winchester Alumni herself, Kimberley can relate to the learner’s journey whilst undertaking their degree apprenticeship. She has been Programme Leader for 12 months and is an advocate for encouraging degree apprenticeships as an alternative career path for future talent.

Chloe Baker

Chloe BakerChloe Baker has just completed a degree apprenticeship in Software Engineering and have now started at NOC as a Frontend Software Developer.

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Webinar: IWD: Degree Apprenticeship – Chloe’s three year journey to BSc
Date and time
Friday 8 March, 6:00pm - 7:00pm

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