Join us in conversation with Nicola Martin FBCS.

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In this fireside chat Nicola will discuss:

  • Her role as a BCS Council member
  • The importance of diversity in tech
  • Helping prevent bias in AI
  • The importance of mentoring and role models
  • Audience Q&A

About the speakers

Nicola Martin FBCS

Nicola has been involved in the tech industry for over two decades working across various industries. She holds roles as a Council and Committee Member for the British Computer Society (BCS), including being the Chair of the Special Interest Group in Software Testing.

Her volunteering activities extend to mentoring, speaking, and participating in panel events where she discusses topics such as AI and bias, quality, software testing, and diversity in tech.

This year, she has had the honour of being included and nominated in the UKTech50 long list. Furthermore, she is listed in the Computer Weekly Most Influential Women in UK Tech List (Top 50), Diverse In Change Maker List 2023 and won the Women in Tech Excellence - Role Model in Tech (Highly Commended) Award.

Jo Stansfield

Jo is an independent Diversity, Equity and Inclusion consultant, supporting technology and engineering organisations. She has held leadership roles in industry, including as Director for People Data and Insights at a leading FTSE 100 technology firm.

Alongside this, Jo holds a number of voluntary positions. She is a Trustee and member of Council for BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT, co-chair of BCS Women, Fellow of AI ethics and audit charity, ForHumanity, and serves on the Industry Advisory Board for Techup Skills Bootcamp.

Jo began her career as an engineer, developing enterprise software for global industry, spanning oil & gas, automotive, aerospace and marine sectors. Having pivoted her focus from the technical to human dimensions of engineering, Jo now works as a Business Psychologist.

She holds an MSc in Organisational and Business Psychology, with thesis research topic “Lessons for Gender and Racial Diversity within Technology”. She brings deep understanding of the engineering culture, and lived experience as a woman within it, to her work in support of diversity and inclusion in tech and engineering domains

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Webinar: Wominspiration - Nicola Martin FBCS
Date and time
Tuesday 19 March, 6:30pm - 8:00pm

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