The browser gaming event will be a fun interactive event, where everyone is invited to come and play some fun games.


Nathaniel Sivyer


7:00pm - Event opens
9:00pm - Event closes


The browser gaming event will be a fun interactive event, where everyone is invited to come and play some fun games, compete in competitions, and most of all, have fun!

Browser gaming refers to playing video games directly within a web browser without the need for additional downloads or installations. It allows players to access and enjoy a variety of games conveniently, using a device with an internet connection.

Browser games come in various genres and styles, ranging from casual puzzles and strategy games to more immersive multiplayer experiences.

They offer a diverse range of gameplay experiences without having to use storage space. One of the key advantages of browser gaming is its accessibility. Players can easily launch games directly from their web browser, eliminating the need for lengthy downloads or installations.

This accessibility also means that players can enjoy gaming on the go, without being tied to a specific device or location. Additionally, browser gaming often features social elements, allowing players to connect with friends, compete in tournaments, and share achievements within online communities. Overall, browser gaming provides a convenient, accessible, and diverse gaming experience that continues to evolve with advancements in web technologies.

There will be competitions at the event, the three games where you can compete against others are:, Tetris, There will be a scoreboard where you can put your high scores onto and the winner for each game will get a prize.

You may play any browser game you want, but scores will only be recorded for the games stated above, and you can meet new people that are also interested in browser gaming.

The event will be run by committee member, Nathaniel Sivyer, and will also be helped by other committee members.

The event will be held on the 8th May 2024, from 7:00-9:00 pm.

Do you think you have what it takes to top the leader-boards at browser gaming? If so, come along to our event.

About the speaker

Nathaniel Sivyer is a BCS Hertfordshire committee member and North Hertfordshire College T-Level student. He is a Twitch streamer and passionate about gaming.

Our events are for adults aged 16 years and over.

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Community Browser Gaming Workshop - Hertfordshire branch
Date and time
Wednesday 8 May, 7:00pm - 9:00pm
University of Hertfordshire
Room 1K110, Learning Resources Centre Annexe
College Lane
AL10 9AB