This talk on XR and VR will explore some XR Technology solutions that have been implemented to support pedagogical development of learners and more.


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XR Technologies, specifically Virtual Reality (VR), is an area of keen interest and recent intense development, with many Schools, Colleges, and Universities within the UK and Internationally (with the United States and Canada taking the lead) implementing XR Technology solutions to support the pedagogical development of their learners.

In this talk, the speaker will explore what some of these solutions look like, and what feedback has been received so far, from learners, practitioners, and developers.

The speaker will also share some of his own experiences of teaching Higher Education within a Virtual Environment over an extended period of time during the COVID pandemic lockdown within the UK, from March - June 2020, during which he undertook a structured timetable of teaching for 21 hours per week over this four-month period.

This talk will be accessible to all skill levels.

About the speaker

Tim Jackson

Tim Jackson is a Senior Lecturer and Course Director in Computing (Software Engineering) at Canterbury Christ Church University. He has been employed as an educator for over 22 years and has been an active advocate of the use of XR and immersive technologies within education for a number of years.

He has recently moved from EKC Broadstairs College to Canterbury Christ Church University and has co-written the university's strategy on the use of XR and immersive technologies.

Tim is currently studying for his post-graduate qualifications which encompass the use of XR technologies within the educational sector, specifically the range of pedagogical applications and the impact of these XR technologies on learners.

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Developments in XR, VR and Immersive Technologies
Date and time
Thursday 9 May, 6:00pm - 8:30pm
Canterbury Christ Church University
Verena Holmes Building
North Holmes Road
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