Join us as we delve into the transformative power of process mapping in accelerating projects and overcoming resistance.


Rémy Schneider


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Join us as we delve into the transformative power of process mapping in accelerating projects and overcoming resistance. We will explore how the strategic use of bespoke diagrams, storytelling, and simulations can propel projects forward, leaving a trail of success in its wake.

First, we explore the intersection of UK Operational Resilience and DORA, demonstrating how SMART process mapping techniques facilitated regulatory compliance and enhanced operational agility. Next, we navigate the complexities of MiFID II Regulatory Record Keeping, showing how storytelling uncovered and redesigned Trade Reconstruction processes whilst overcoming adversity.

Our journey continues with insights into FCA Transaction Reporting, revealing how process mining not only identified the cause of issues but led to radical yet obvious process re-engineering. Throughout these case studies, we unveil the strategic use of diagramming, storytelling and simulations to foster stakeholder buy-in and drive organisational alignment.

Key takeaways from our exploration include harnessing critical thinking through the "Kipling method" to unravel the nuances of process mapping, crafting hybrid process modelling notations to encapsulate multifaceted attributes, and employing mining analysis to streamline optimisations.

As we conclude, we ponder the future implications of AI in revolutionizing these tasks, offering insights into how emerging technologies will further augment the efficacy of process mapping in IT and Change Management.

Join us for an insightful discourse that promises to empower you with actionable strategies and foresight into the evolving landscape of process mapping in the digital age.

About the speaker

Remy SchneiderRémy Schneider

Rémy has been helping Department Heads, C-Suite and Senior Management to achieve their business goals for over 25 years, in Financial Services, Asset Management and Fintech.

From inception in defining strategic goals, or designing Target Solutions and Implementation Roadmaps, to executing through Project Change Management, Rémy has assured dozens of successful outcomes by maintaining focus on the goals, elevating shared understanding and communication, and driving innovation and resourcefulness, all the while with a positive ethical footprint.

His versatility has meant that projects are delivered faster and more closely fit or exceed the intended business expectations and benefits.

Rémy is a BCS Chartered IT Professional, APMG Agile Practitioner, always has time for anyone with questions, and thrives in high complexity flow states.

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Hybrid event: Sensory processes of Process mapping
Date and time
Thursday 16 May, 6:30pm - 9:00pm
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